S01 E06 – The origins of Mothermouth – an introduction, Muttermund & cervical awakening

Nov 7, 2023 | Cervical awakening, cervix, Musings, sacral chakra

Podcast description

Hi everyone,

I realised I haven’t really introduced the podcast series and aim of the platform or talked about the origins of the name.

So in this episode I will give an introduction to me and how the name Mothermouth came into being from a direct translation of the German word Muttermund which means cervix.

I will also talk about my own journey around cervical and spiritual awakening.

There will be quite a few personal details in here which I haven’t shared widely and it feels rather vulnerable to do so.

Much love, Steph

Links and resources

Cervical Wellness (Denell Barbara Randall) –

Cervical Awakening (Self:Cervix – Olivia Naomi Bryant) –

The Sword Guy (Guy Windsor) –

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Music by 12Volt, with great thanks to my friend Sascha Usison.

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