Exploring major life transitions & journeys to body connection, purpose and joy

A Warm Welcome to Mothermouth!

Explore the realms of transformative journeys through major life transitions, connecting with your body, finding purpose and experiencing true joy alongside us.

In a world that too often overlooks and disregards life’s natural cycles, Mothermouth strives to provide a sacred space for reconnecting with our bodies and finding purpose – a home for gathering and sharing wisdom and celebrating rites of passages. A virtual surrogate great-grandmother who has seen it all and now guides us through the challenging times of physical transformations, keeping us grounded throughout the journey.


Life has a way of reminding us of our fragile place on Earth when we stray too far, but sometimes those messages can get lost in the noise. It takes a special kind of courage to tune in to our body signals and be aware of our own rhythms, especially in these isolating times where we are too often expected to be efficient and independent at all times. Yet, knowing that we are not alone nourishes our sense of belonging and infuses our lives with purpose.


Standing in this world with our feet firmly planted and our arms outstretched to our full potential is our birthright. This is the journey of Mothermouth – a vessel and channel for the exploration and rediscovery of life’s forgotten treasures.


Thank you so much for being here and on this adventure together.

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About me


My name is Stephanie.

I am an artist, herbalist, mother of a 7-year-old and dreamer of possibilites.

I am interested in rites of passages and how being fully present in our body connects us to the world.